Cynthia L. Kohles, Ph.D. "There is more to living than merely being alive"

Welcome to my web site. I work with individuals, couples and families who are in some way stuck in their thinking about how to deal with their dilemmas. Those who know they are digging themselves into a hole, but can’t seem to put down the shovel; and men and women who are “lost” in their families are typical of those whom I see. They are looking for clearer pathways and better means of managing their lives.

Sometimes, you yourself may be unclear about how to reach a balanced level of functioning. You may want to develop a balance between your thinking and feeling functions and let some steam out of your emotional reactivity. When this happens, you have increased your chances of becoming clearer. If this effort can be sustained, you may find yourself functioning on a higher, more desirable level.

My purpose is to help you get there.